Re-roofing Considerations You Need To Know

Whilst the initial costs of re-roofing can scare off homeowners or push the priority further down the to-do list, re-roofing is a vital safety consideration that shouldn’t be avoided. Strong roofs matter, so before you book an appointment with a roofing contractor, get to know the essential considerations for re-roofing here.

Considerations For Re-roofing

Re-roofing for Age and Damage

Cracks, breaks, leaks and the age of your roof are all signs that mean it’s time for re-roofing. Even if your roof is showing all signs of a healthy life, its age can be a dead giveaway that it’s time for change. Other vital roof repair and replacement signs can include curling and buckling of shingles, broken or missing shingles, damaged flashings, valleys, missing granules and bare spots.

Re-roofing for Functionality

In the event of harsh weather conditions or disasters, the roof is the ultimate source of protection for you, your family and your belongings. Sturdiness and reliability is therefore absolutely necessary. Re-roofing provides you with a valuable opportunity to replace broken or cracked tiles and improve both the insulation and ventilation of your roof space. Whilst home and contents insurance can most certainly cover the replacement value should something happen, the sentimental items and prized family possessions are sometimes irreplaceable, as is your health.

Re-roofing for Aesthetics

Re-roofing not only adds significant value to your home, but it can act as the perfect excuse to update the entire look and feel of your home. From the front yard to a functional kitchen, some home renovations just need to happen. The roof creates a major bearing on the overall look of your home, playing an important role in your home’s design. From new tiles to a colour change, even a simple, modern re-roofing look can drastically boost the appeal of your home.

Re-roofing Energy Efficiency

Changes for a more comfortable future can be just as beneficial as aesthetic reasons. As homes become increasingly energy-efficient, it presents a fantastic opportunity to upgrade your roof too. Maintaining a comfortable climate in the home is a priority for many, so if you’re considering re-roofing, opt for lighter colour roof. Lighter tiles, white shingles and heat reflective coating in a broad range of colours help to keep your home cooler. Depending on your home’s construction, an energy-efficient roof can save up to 15% on heating and cooling costs.

Low Maintenance

Having a low maintenance roof is also a bonus for your hip pocket. Re-roofing is the perfect time to look at cutting down on maintenance worries. Roof gutters tend to be one of the most tedious jobs when it comes to roof maintenance. Whilst your roof will always require a level of care, re-roofing your home gives you the opportunity to install lower maintenance gutters. The right gutter choice can be the difference between regular chores and feeling confident it can take care of itself.

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