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Industrial Roof Leak Repairs

Identifying a leak within your industrial buildings roof is crucial in preventing further damage to your building structure and work environment. Black Cat Commercial Roofing is a fully licensed, qualified roofing company in Sydney that specialises in industrial roof repair and maintenance. We know how important maintaining the roof over your industrial building is and that’s why we have the latest technology along with years of knowledge to ensure your industrial roof is functioning at its optimum level.

Successfully completing an industrial roofing job is our priority, we can guarantee that you will have a renewed and structured roof so you can be reassured that your industrial building is in the best hands.

Black Cat Commercial Roofing can repair roof leaks on a range of industrial buildings including warehouses, industrial factories, manufacturing facilities, and storage facilities. Our approach to your industrial building will ensure your roof is free of any leaks in the future.

Common Reasons Your Industrial Roof Is Leaking

Industrial roof leaks in Australia are continuously subject to harsh weather conditions including hail, rain, strong winds, and harsh sun rays. Due to the variety of harsh weather elements, it is no surprise that industrial roofs are subject to damage and common roof leaks. The most common reason your industrial roof will leak is because of:

#1 Poor Drainage

It is important that industrial roofs take into account where the water from your roof will drain, including gutters, sprouts, and drains. These areas must be cleaned and free of water build up. If your industrial roof is not draining water properly, water will then puddle on your roof and eventually seep through your roof due to the added weight on your industrial structure.

#2 Open Additions

Open areas on your industrial roof are commonly known as air conditioning systems, vents drains, pipes, and various other systems that open into your industrial roof. These areas can be subject to roof leaks if not sealed properly. To prevent this ensure your vents and air conditioning systems are sealed indefinitely during your roof installation. If this was done incorrectly as poor workmanship, Black Cat Commercial Roofing will reach your property and resolve the issue immediately.

3# Damaged Membrane

The membrane layer of an industrial roof is to waterproof your structure. The membrane will often be damaged from heavy foot traffic, mechanical damage and harsh weather conditions. If this is the case, water can seep through the membrane and soak the layer of insulation.

#4 Aged Roof

Industrial roofs typically last 15 to 20 years. This will depend on what type of roof material you installed or were previously installed for your industrial roof. Aged roofs will deteriorate over time and often be subject to leaks in and around your industrial roof.

Signs Your Industrial Roof Is Leaking:

If you notice any unusual water leaks on your structure such as walls, roofs, and flooring. The indications will allow you to identify something unusual happening, it is best to identify a leak as soon as possible to prevent any further damage to your structure. Black Cat Commercial Roofing will reach your property swiftly and resolve the leak immediately.

Stained/ceiling walls

If your water leak is coming from your roof and is located near the walls, take note, as this could be a potential water leak from your roof. Water leaks create a discoloured area within your structure. Water leaks will damage the internal structure of your property including walls, roof and possibly damage your properties equipment.


A bad smell can be an indication that your industrial building has a leak in the roof. As bad smells and odours typically mean there is mould growth. Mould grows where there is a damp and warm environment. So if mould is growing in your building this can mean water is seeping through your roof.

Water dripping/puddles

If you notice water building up in puddles around your building or notice a drip from your roof, this is a clear indication that your roof has a leak. Visibly noticing water leaks is the most assured sign that your roof has a water leak. This can damage the equipment, structure and slow down the process of your work environment.

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Black Cat Commercial Roofing provides a tailored solution to suit your industrial roof. We have years of knowledge and utilise the latest technology to ensure your industrial roof will be in the best hands and free of any leaks.

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