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Box gutter Repair. Water, leaves and debris left to rot in your box gutters will damage the metal causing rust and holes

As box gutters are designed to transport the water coming off the roof faces to the nearest outlets, it is vital that they are in good working order.

Damaged, blocked or rusted out box gutters will leak into your building, causing potential damage to your stock, computers, carpets etc.

So if your box gutters, sumps, rainwater heads, gutters or downpipes are blocked or leaking, it is imperative that they get repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

Causes For Your Box Gutter To Leak

The most common causes indicating that your box gutter needs a repair:

  • Leakage – This is due to split solder joints in copper or sheet metal gutters. Sheet metal often corrodes quicker in areas that hold a lot of water.
  • Water spillage over the front – If water is spilling over the front of your box gutter this means your gutter is blocked and the water is unable to drain effectively.
  • Water spillage from behind – Water spillage from behind your box gutter is the most damaging. Not only can trims from your box gutter become damaged but also water can enter to interior of your property, damaging walls, ceilings and furniture.

If any of these issues arise, be sure to contact our roofing professionals to solve the problem rapidly. It is important to work on preventing any problems with your box gutter. We recommend removing the build up of leaves using a leaf blower as quickly as possible, making the gutter inspection more thorough. Another prevention technique is to create a maintence plan, box gutters must be maintained regularly especially during autumn if trees are near your residential or commercial property.

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If you have experienced damage to your box gutter, our roofing professionals are here to restore your box gutters back to normal.

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