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What Are The Different Types of Roofs?

Different Types of Roofs The shape of your roof and the materials it's built from should be chosen carefully, with consideration to the climate and environment in your area. A poorly designed roof risks being vulnerable to weather, and allowing leaks which can damage your possessions and cause all sorts [...]

2020-07-03T12:34:09+10:00May 26th, 2016|Blog|

Benefits of Heat Reflective Coatings

What Are The Benefits of Heat Reflective Coatings? Consumers want the option of having dark roofs including red, brown, terracotta and even black without compromising the energy efficiency of their homes. Until now, design choice has always involved a battle between environmental impact and energy efficiency. But there is a way [...]

2020-11-03T18:09:31+11:00May 10th, 2016|Blog|

Signs Your Roof is Affected by Asbestos

Signs Your Roof Is Affected By Asbestos There are hundreds of thousands of asbestos roofs in Sydney, and even more sources of asbestos in wall, eaves linings and other not so obvious products. Asbestos is made up of very fine fibres, but the most dangerous are those naked to the [...]

2020-11-03T18:09:20+11:00April 27th, 2016|Blog|

Re-roofing: What Do I Need to Know?

Re-roofing Considerations You Need To Know Whilst the initial costs of re-roofing can scare off homeowners or push the priority further down the to-do list, re-roofing is a vital safety consideration that shouldn’t be avoided. Strong roofs matter, so before you book an appointment with a roofing contractor, get to [...]

2020-11-03T18:09:11+11:00April 12th, 2016|Blog|

Signs You Need to Fix Your Gutter

Signs You Need Gutter Repairs Gutters direct water away from your home’s exterior walls, windows, doors, and foundation, preventing water from making its way inside. They are an important part of your home, and although cleaning your gutters several times a year will enhance their longevity, most gutters will need [...]

2020-11-03T18:09:07+11:00March 30th, 2016|Blog|

Tips On Choosing The Right Roofer For You

Choosing the right roofing contractor to hire for your home or commercial roofing project can be a challenging and confusing task. With so many contractors to choose from, it’s important to know what to look for. Below are our top 5 tips to assist you in choosing the right roofing [...]

2020-11-03T18:08:58+11:00February 23rd, 2016|Blog|