What Are The Benefits of Heat Reflective Coatings?

Consumers want the option of having dark roofs including red, brown, terracotta and even black without compromising the energy efficiency of their homes. Until now, design choice has always involved a battle between environmental impact and energy efficiency. But there is a way that you can reduce the heat of your roof and live more comfortably without sacrificing your roof colour choice. Heat reflective coatings come with a wide range of benefits, which make them the superior choice for roof coating by far.

Save Money

Heat reflective coatings for metal and concrete roofing are installed at a fraction of the cost of re-roofing. This technology has enabled us to offer dark colour exterior coatings that reflect fully 50% of solar energy. This results in reduced requirement for air conditioning, which saves you money on both power and water bills when using evaporative air conditioning. Reduced product replacement costs and maintenance including air conditioning, roof structure and roof located appliances such as hot water services and electronics will save you even more money.

Save Energy

The reduced requirement for air conditioning means reduced electricity usage. Heat reflective coatings also encourage recycling of older viable roof structures, saving the energy that would be expended on producing newer structures, transporting and installing them onto homes and buildings.

The successful development of products such as Energy Star® enables you to make choices to provide positive contributions to our global environment with reductions in Urban Heat, Smog and through its energy efficiency, help reduce CO2 emissions, last 400% longer than conventional paints. You’ll be conserving energy and valuable resources without even trying!

Reduced Environmental Impact

Living in a relatively hot climate, one of our largest demands for energy in Australia is that of air conditioning. Reflective roof coatings can reduce the temperature inside farm facilities by up to 15%, reducing the energy demand of heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) systems.

Heat reflective roof coating leads to cooler homes and buildings, which lower urban heat island build up resulting in reduced ozone and healthier living. They assist in reducing greenhouse gas emissions for air-conditioned buildings. Cooler homes and buildings mean reduced chemicals and pollution for healthier cities, as well as less dehydration and chemical emissions.

Choice of Roof Colour

White, light pastel and silver roofs have always been the best colours for the Australian environment, because they reflect the sun’s heat. However these colours are not always complimentary to house design and in some cases, light coloured and reflective roofs are not permitted by Council planning controls. Councils often require roofs to blend into the local environment, meaning colours such as green, brown, red and ochre are encouraged. Many of the heat reflective coating colours also comply with Council Planning and Building controls, meaning you have more choice of roof colour.

If you’re thinking about making a change to the look and temperature of your home with heat reflective coatings, contact Black Cat Commercial Roofing for an appointment or a quote today.