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Fibreglass roofs encompass polyester resin and distributed strand mat glass fibres, this is combined together which then creates laminate. Fibreglass roofs have now developed to be one of the most common forms of flat roofing systems, this is the result of fibreglass roofs being not only a strong material but it does not add additional weight to the building.

Once fibreglass sheets start to delaminate, crack and split they lose their ability to allow natural light in, causing you to use more energy. They also lose their integrity and will tear and crack allowing strong winds to rip them out. Deteriorated sheets are also a major cause of leakage problems and with Sydney’s weather patterns becoming more severe, we recommend maintaining your roof by being vigilant and pro-active.

Black Cat Commercial Roofing has been contracted to replace the old fibreglass skylight sheets with new sheets. The difference to the inside of the warehouse was amazing. Our client has reduced their energy consumption substantially and has done a great deal to minimise their carbon footprint on this planet. Save energy, save money!

Fibreglass Roof Replacement

Roof repairs are not something you would expect you your fibreglass roof would need. If the original installation was completed properly there will be no need for repairs, however not all installation jobs are done well. If you notice any leakage through your roof, this is most likely due to poor workmanship. If there is a significant problem from water leaking or cracked and split fibreglass sheets you will need a roof replacement. Call Black Cat Commercial Roofing and we will replace your roof leaving it looking brand new!

Why Choose Fibreglass Roofs

Fibreglass roofs are much thinner and lighter in weight compared to your typical metal, terracotta or cement roofs, making them extremely easy to move and install. If you opt for a fibreglass roof you will typically be saving more money. Fibreglass roofs are resistant to any sun damage and are waterproof. Fibreglass roofs are significantly more fire-resistant than your typical pressed fibre, this is perfect for any property in Sydney where they are close to bush fires. Fibreglass roofs are also environmentally friendly due to the minimal asphalt in the roof.

How Long Do Fibreglass Roofs Last?

A successfully laid fibreglass roof should last you at least 30 years with no detectable deterioration. Even the most inexpensive fibreglass roofs will last you 20 years. However in some cases, your roof may experience damage or deterioration, this will happen to every roof at some point no matter how durable they are.

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