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When do you decide to repair a roof or replace a roof?

Here is some information to keep in mind when searching for a roof repair service or roof replacement service in Sydney.

Do I have options when it comes to re-roofing?

Replacing your roof when it has passed its lifespan is a must, but not all roofs need to be replaced just because they leak.  Mechanical repairs can be carried out on most roofs ensuring that damaged, rusted, cracked and leaking roofs can be brought back to a safe and waterproof standard once again, giving them plenty more years before replacement is needed.

Roof Maintenance

It goes without saying that roof maintenance is highly advisable.  If you have rotting leaves on your roof, they will deteriorate your roof that much faster plus the piles hinder the evacuation of rainwater off the roof and causes the water to pool and enter the roof via your overlapping sheets or under the cappings and flashings where the laps are not large enough to handle that amount of water.

Roof leakage after a rainstorm

Most roofs built in Australia are built to withstand the vast weather conditions we experience, but we have found that some roofs only leak in a heavy rainstorm.  The amount of water running down the roof is too much for the roof to handle.  This is because the sheets have not been overlapped enough, or the barge cappings don’t come across far enough, or the cappings are too small or the box guttering doesn’t go up against deep enough under the sheets, all allowing water to ingress.

Wear and tear around roof objects and openings

The areas near chimneys, vents, air conditioning pipes, breather pipes and other objects that penetrate or connect onto or through the roof are prone to damage due to the materials used to seal the areas or the joints involved.  These are all very easy to repair and replace to ensure your roof remains watertight.  Mechanical repairs such as back tray flashings can solve these issues without the need to replace your roof.

Who is the best professional to handle your roof repairs?

It is important that you hire a licensed roofing expert who knows and understands roofs, who is professional and who has a proven track record of getting the job done.  Repairing a roof is not just slapping down some silicone and hoping for the best, but rather a correct estimation of what is needed and getting the repair work done correctly, the first time.  Many roofs end up in worse condition due to short cuts and poor workmanship and this roof damage, if not repaired correctly, ends up needing costly replacements.

How much does it cost for a roof repair?

Every roof is different and the cost of repair depends on multiple factors including the type of roof (tile, metal, asbestos, membrane, concrete, etc); the height of the roof; the access to the roof; the age of the roof and of course the quality of previous repairs carried out on the roof.  But more importantly, the design of the roof and the quality of the materials used will also determine the cost of repair.

How to find the right roof repairer?

Ask a number of licensed roofing companies to quote on your needed roofing works and obtain at least three quotes.  Ensure the quotes cover what you have requested and that they will be using Australian made materials.  Ask questions until you have a full understanding of what the roofer is planning to do and what size or quality materials they plan to use and then go with your knowingness, your gut feel, about the roofer who you will be entrusting your roof too.

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