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In a climate dominated by heat, it makes sense to provide exterior finishes that are highly reflective to sunlight.

Our home or commercial properties are often subject to the harsh Australian weather conditions in summer. As the strong sun beats down on our roofs, it hears to entire exterior and interior. This is the ideal choice for suburban property owners and rural producers. If you are at the risk of receiving complaints from customers, employees or tenants about overheated interior walls and equipment then you need heat reflective roof coatings.

Almost any type of building can benefit from heat reflective roof coatings. However, you must consider the climate and various other factors before undergoing roof coatings. Just like when you wear dark coloured clothing, you attract heat and become hot compared to if you wore light coloured clothing. This is the same with roofs; lighter roofs are designed to resist more sun than a standard roof. Dark roofs can reach 65°C in Australian summer, while a roof with heat reflective roof coatings in the same weather condition can stay as cool as 10°C. Therefore you will not only save energy but money.

Latest Heat Reflective Coating Technology

As a result of ongoing research and development into heat reflective coatings, Astec developed a new technology of colour infused nano ceramics that reflect heat by selective reflection of infrared light. This technology has enabled us to offer dark colour exterior coatings that reflect fully 50% of solar energy and provide positive results for our environment and consumers.

When the sun hits conventional roofs, the sun goes straight through the roof heating up the entire interior of your property, while a roof with the latest heat reflective technology will reflect radiant energy before it is absorbed.

The successful development of Energy Star® enables you to make choices to provide positive contributions to our global environment with reductions in Urban Heat, Smog and through its energy efficiency, help reduce CO2 emissions, last 400% longer than conventional paints, cut air conditioners power consumption.

Benefits Of Keeping Your Roof Cool

Implementing heavily researched heat reflective coatings onto your roof will ensure you stay cool throughout the Australian summer. This will not only create a cool environment for you but it will significantly reduce energy bills due to not using air conditioning. Cooler roofs can also impact the longevity of your roof. Those roofs subject to the harsh sun will eventually fade and deteriorate and require frequent maintenance and repairs.

Not only will this impact your property but it will help decrease the local air temperature, this is also known as the heat island effect. Heat reflective coatings can also help lower peak electricity demand and therefore reduce power outages. Cooler buildings mean reduced dehydration and released emissions.

Contact Your Local Roofer To Keep Your Roof Cool

If you’re overworking your air conditioning and your electricity bill is through the roof, call Black Cat Commercial Roofing today on 1300 476 634 to arrange for us to visit to discuss the benefits to your business or home of these amazing products. We recommend implementing a heat reflective coating on your roof to prevent future damage and expenses your roof may require from harsh Australian weather conditions.

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